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Pure Zen Wellness
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317 North El Camino Real, Suite 104, Encinitas, CA 92024

Our Mission

We will provide extra-ordinary service to each and every patient at every visit.

Our Goal

To provide outstanding, superior services in every phase of patient care.

We will treat every patient as if he or she was the member of our family.

To treat each patient with our full undivided attention, and to provide our service with love, understanding, and kindness at each and every step. To educate our patients and our communities about holistic medicine with passion and enthusiasm.

Our Guarantee

If we ever fail to provide outstanding service to you, your family or friends at any visit, please let us know, and there will be no charge for that visit.

Our Request

If we live up to our Mission, Goals, and Guarantee we simply ask you to refer others and send them into our office, so that we can help them too.

We appreciate you for helping us help others.

What our patients have to say:

Anna Is an amazing person full of knowledge and lots of expertise. I went in with inflammation in my left shoulder. My pain tolerance is pretty high but this was right about 8 on the pain scale.

Anna gave me my first treatment and the pain dropped down to 4. This was also my first time ever having acupuncture.

My second treatment was the following week and she provided me with the same care and excellent service. When we got done with 2nd treatment my pain was at a 1. I was truly amazed. Just after two treatments the pain was virtually gone. Since then I have been pain free. I can not thank Anna for all that she did for me. I will be back if I have any other injuries or ailments.

Thanks again!
Bear S.

My son and I have been receiving allergy treatments, acupuncture and massage services at Pure Zen Wellness for over a year now. Our allergies have eased and are almost gone, migraine headaches do not reoccur anymore and we have more energy. I’ve been recommending her to my friends and family and they are pleased with the results too. Anna is professional, ethical, caring and accommodating.

Thanks again!
Dina T. of Carlsbad, Ca

I came back to pure Zen Wellness having a problems with lower constant back pain, fatigue and extreme sugar cravings. My energy was great next day after Anna’a acupuncture treatment and No pain!! I was walking down the isle with soda cans in the store and i had ZERO cravings for soda I used to buy all the time!!

Thanks again!
Raul H, Encinitas

My son was diagnosed at the age 7 with Aspberger’s Syndrome. We tried variety of things to help him with his symptoms and nothing really worked. my mother-in-law found and article about NAET and we decided to try it. We found Anna at Pure Zen Wellness and have been going to her for about a year now. We’ve seen a big change in him since we started. He’s able to cope with his anxiety now and his cognitive abilities have really improved. I like how she treats him on every level, not just physical but emotional too. He’s a lot calmer now and much more focused.

We are about finished with his treatments and will be on maintenance program which includes continuing with the supplements he has been taking. I believe the supplements are also a big part of my son’ s improvement.

Anna is very professional and non-judgmental. She never made me feel bad about anything or that we were the cause of anything my son was going through. Over the year, my son has developed a friendly relationship with her and feels very comfortable around her now.

Overall, we are pleased with Anna’s services and would recommend them to anyone who might have a child on the Autism Spectrum. We are grateful and thankful for what she has done for our son!

Thanks again!
Jesse and Rebekah H., Vista, CA