Traditional Chinese Medicine sees health as harmony within
the body as well as between the body and the universe.

In Pure Zen Wellness center we follow the same ancient principle
in treating following diseases:

Back Pain & Sciatica | Arthritis & Joint Pain | Headaches & Migraines | Neck Pain | Stroke & Paralysis | Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) | Peripheral Neuropathy | Tendonitis | Bursitis | Trigeminal Neuralgi | Shoulder Pain & Tennis Elbow | Facial Palsy (Bell’s) | Hemorrhoids | Tendonitis | Intercostal Neuralgia | Meniere’s Disease | Musculoskeletal Disorders | Sports Injuries | Neurological Disorders | Pain Relief

alternative allergy treatments

Autism | ADHD & ADD | Skin Disorders | Heavy Metal Detox | Environmental Sensitivities

Dizziness | Blood Pressure (Hypertension & Low Blood Pressure) | Irregular Heartbeat | Palpitations | Vertigo | Anemia

Anna has been such a blessing! I saw her because I was close to a total collapse, completely drained and burn out. The session with her was incredible. I received an emotional healing first via energy work, then acupuncture and moxibustion, and lastly a massage. Ana’s presence was calming and attentive the whole time. I felt safe and being cared for 100%. The treatment room was beautiful and a piece of art in itself. I felt completely restored and nourished from just one treatment. All there was left to do was to rest and let the healing continue.

Martina N., San Diego, CA

I went to Anna because after I had brain surgery, I started to get really bad migraines, and I wanted to get treated for food sensitivities or whatever was causing them. The headaches were really bad, to the point where I had to take morphine and other narcotics to ease the pain. After seeing countless doctors and trying basically every treatment in the world, we decided to give Anna’s acupuncture a shot. Jacob was kind of skeptical at first, but it was very, very effective. It was a night and day difference: the most immediate results we’ve gotten in five years. I became more energized and the headaches started to go away. I don’t need any pain-relievers, not even Ibuprofen. Very, very effective, and very, very impressive.

Jenna B. & Jacob C., San Diego, CA

IBS | Acid Reflux | Colitis | Esophageal Spasm | Gastritus

Infertility | Menstrual Disorders | Menopause | PMS | Postpartum Depression | PCOS | Amenorrhea | Metrorrhagia

I had a severe car accident and went to the orthopedic surgeon because the pain was un-manageable. He took X-rays and an MRI. He then diagnosed me as having a whiplash and a serious spine issue. My disc was gone and my L5 vertebra had slipped off my spine over 50% causing me extreme pain. He recommended that I immediately start with acupuncture treatments and also referred me to a spine orthopedic surgeon for further testing.

I was given PureZen Wellness contact information which is where I began my acupuncture therapy with Anna Krasheninnikova. I had not had this type of treatment before and really could not understand how acupuncture would be able to relieve the volume of pain I was in. Beginning at my neck and going down my entire spine.

Anna was so thorough, methodical and intelligent in her approach. Her goal is to systematically intergrade the body as a whole because she understands that everything is inter related.

I was so amazed and shocked after the first treatment I was pain free in my neck and the high level of pain in my lower back was reduced significantly. Because of the severity of the breakdown of the vertebras and the high level of inflammation in my lower back my orthopedic surgeon said to continue with the acupuncture as I was getting such great results.

I am so fortunate that my surgeon is a progressive thinker and sent me to PureZen and Anna. I am almost pain free and have started back living the active life I had before.

Thanks to Anna!

So appreciative,
Candy C. , Carlsbad, CA

Depression | Anxiety | Addictions

Hashimoto’s Disease | Celiac Disease | ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) | MS (Multiple Sclerosis) | Lyme Disease

Common Cold | Bronchitis | Asthma | Influenza | Chronic Cough | Rhinitis | Sinusitis | Tonsillitis

I had an unexplained rapid hearing loss. 90% of my hearing in one ear was gone. Doctors couldn’t explain it. Anna has done two acupuncture treatments and prescribed Chinese herbs for my condition. My hearing is back to normal now. You are a miracle worker.
Thank you!

Mark M., San Diego, CA

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