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Stay protected during the flu season

Here are some valuable tips that I give to my patients when the flu season arrives and we need to optimize our immune system:

1. Obtain a head of garlic and sprinkle with olive oil and salt. Wrap the garlic in a small piece of foil and bake at 375F for 10-15 minutes. Eat at least 2-3 cloves a day. If you do not enjoy the taste of plain roasted garlic, add the roasted cloves onto a piece of toast or mince into your salad. Bake daily to sustain volatile oils in the garlic.

2. If you are flying, visiting hospitals, or staying in places where viruses may be present, take 2-3 tablets of Andrographis formula daily (can be purchased at our Pure Zen Wellness clinic). If you do not have Andrographis readily available, take 2 packets Airborne per day (contains Chinese Herbs similar to our Andrographis formula).

3. When you are using your heater, make sure your humidifier is turned on during this time as well. According to Chinese medicine, our lungs are highly sensitive to the dryness in the air and can be easily damaged. As the membrane of our lungs becomes drier, it becomes easier for the virus to penetrate our lungs. Besides having the humidifier running when you are at home, try to eat more yin building foods such as Asian pears.

4. To reduce your stress levels, kick start your day by incorporating brief meditation sessions and short exercises. During the winter time, we usually have less energy because of fewer hours of daylight and we do not obtain enough vitamin D. Be sure to supplement yourself with Vitamin D3 and try to be active at least over the weekends.

5. In case you became sick and you have a fever, boost your immunity to taking Calcium Lactate by Standard Process 2 tablets every 30-40 minutes until the fever subsides. Drink a sufficient amount of warm liquids. Linden herbal tea promotes sweating and reduces fever. Place 2 oz of fresh raspberries into hot water with lemon, honey, and ginger. Visit our clinic to have a custom Chinese herbal formula created regarding your condition. When a fever is not present, the use of infrared sauna is advised for detox. During the flu, stop eating dairy products, since they are mucus forming agents and do not contribute to faster recovery.

6. After your fever subsides, cook yourself a broth from whole organic chicken (trim the fat if you prefer more skim broth). While the broth is simmering, you can add vegetables such as parsley root, carrots, garlic, celery, onion, pink salt for the lost electrolytes, pepper and bay leaves. In about 45-90 minutes, discard vegetables from the broth once they are cooked via strainer. Drink 3-5 cups a day with additional salt and fresh herbs of your choice.

7. It is crucial to emotionally balance the body and mind during the flu season. In Chinese Medicine, our lungs are governed by grief, so if you are easily prone to sadness and feelings of grief, try to relax and find the little things that you can enjoy and be grateful for – these emotions will override the feelings of grief and restore and emotional equilibrium of the body.

Wishing you Health in the upcoming Year of the Rooster!

Dr. Anna K.

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